Virginia Bankruptcy Law Overview

Virginia Bankruptcy Attorneys

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We Do Not “Sell” Bankruptcies

We do not encourage them in the same fashion that we would encourage a client to prepare a Will. We prepare bankruptcy filings as a service to our clients who find themselves in financial distress. A consultation on the subject of bankruptcy always includes a discussion of non-bankruptcy options. In appropriate cases, we suggest that the client contact the Peninsula Consumer Credit Counseling Service or similar non-profit credit counseling agency to see if help can be received there for free.

The decision to file bankruptcy is a serious one. It is one not to be taken lightly. In terms of life events, the decision is akin to that of purchasing a home, as opposed to purchasing a car. Its implications are long lasting. With this in mind, Denbigh Law Center has adopted a strict policy that a client may not retain the firm on the first bankruptcy consultation. The exceptions to this policy are rare, and are made only when a major item of the client’s property is subject to being taken by a creditor if immediate action is not taken.

Non-Bankruptcy Debt Relief

The Trauma of Being Hopelessly in Debt Can Be Frightening

We at the Denbigh Law Center have had many years of experience in helping clients through these troubling times. Our attorneys will discuss both bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy options with you and, if necessary, assist you in the procedures for court protection under bankruptcy law. The Denbigh Law Center specializes in the following counseling and filing services exclusively in the State of Virginia:

  • Non-Bankruptcy Credit & Budget Counseling
  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Counseling and/or Filing
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Counseling and/or Filing

The time to talk with an attorney about financial matters such as these before you reach a crisis stage.

Yes, We Charge An Initial Consultation Fee, However...

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As Abraham Lincoln said, “an attorney’s only stock in trade is his time.” With that adage in mind, we do charge a consultation fee for initial meetings. And in exchange for that fee, we dispense real and tangibly useful advice.

If we can help, then we will be pleased and honored to be of service to you. The decision to retain the firm rests in the client’s sound discretion, without any “salesman-like” pressure. Indeed, in appropriate cases, we will actually discourage you from retaining an attorney.

So what can a client expect as a result of a consultation with our office? An honest, sugar-free appraisal of your situation (at least as much as can reasonably be crammed into 30 minutes). We will tell you what you need to hear. We do not attempt to tell you what you want to hear in an attempt to get you to retain our services. You will get our honest appraisal up-front.

Areas We Serve

Hampton, Newport News, Poquoson, Williamsburg, Yorktown, and the surrounding areas.