Penalties in Virginia for Not Paying Child Support

Virginia child support laws impose an obligation on both parents to support their child. The obligation does not end when parents who are married to each other separate or get a divorce or when unmarried couples no longer live together. Judges issue child support orders as part of divorce proceedings or when a petition is

How Parental Alienation Affects Children After Divorce

The decision to end a marriage brings with it an emotional roller coaster. Feelings of rejection and betrayal mixed with anger and hatred may cloud judgment and cause a person to look for any possible way to get back at their spouse. Although Virginia child custody laws stress that the best interests of children must

Handling Finances During a Divorce

The cost of supporting a family and managing finances can be a challenge in Williamsburg, Poquoson and other communities in the popular Hampton Roads region of Virginia. The high cost of living can put a strain on a family’s budget and lead to conflicts within a marriage. In fact, conflicts among couples over finances rank

How to Prepare for Your Child Custody Case

Child custody attorneys working at divorce law firms in Yorktown, Poquoson and other locations in Virginia must counsel their clients about how to prepare for a child custody case. Too many parents believe that the battle over custody can be won by simply walking into court and telling their story to a judge. It does

Changes to Division of Military Retired Pay After Divorce

It’s usually a foregone conclusion that the marriage is over by the time couples with one or both of them serving in the armed forces decide to hire Virginia military divorce attorneys. Child custody, visitation, support, and distribution of pensions and other assets usually remain the only issues left to resolve, which is not that

Making Co-Parenting & Child Custody Work with an Ex-Spouse You Hate

Children frequently become the forgotten parties when their parents split up. Co-parenting arrangements only work when each parent commits to making them work. Family law attorneys know that friction and animosity between parents may cause co-parenting arrangements to fail. Parents willing to focus on the best interests of their children may find co-parenting to be