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Virginia child custody laws are designed to protect the best interests of your children. All of us here at the Denbigh Law Center are compassionate in understanding the pain the breakup of a family from divorce causes for everyone. All too often, we see the children become the proxy in the battle between the parents when it comes to a visitation and custody order.  The emotions involved cloud the fact that the parents are required to act as adults and take their children’s best interests into account first. Whether you believe it or not, if it doesn’t seem to affect them in the short-term, it will most definitely carry-over into their adult life often-times with the same consequences.

Put our experience to work during this most difficult aspect of a family breakup or divorce. We will do our best to assist in getting both parents to see how important it will be to handle this in the best interest of everyone involved. The care of the child or future of your children’s well-being will depend on it.

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Child Support Legal Representation

Again, our philosophy at the Denbigh Law Center is for prioritizing the well-being of a family’s children first.  Although it may feel like punishment to one parent or the other, Virginia child support laws are meant to ensure that their well-being is paramount.  Unfortunately, this does not mean that the parent responsible for child support payments can continue, or are entitled to, the lifestyle THEY were always used to. It needs to be an accepted consequence of the break-up of a family.  Everyone suffers.

We have handled thousands of child support cases and have heard every argument – justified or not – in establishing a child support plan that is in accordance with Virginia’s child support laws and as fair to the payee as possible.  We also find in many cases that the payee’s income status has legitimately changed or was not represented fairly in prior litigation.  We will advocate to obtain a judgment that is fair to you.

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