General Law Firm FAQ’s

Our primary Yorktown office is open 8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Thursday, and 8 AM to 4 PM Friday.

Absolutely!  Come to our office anytime during operating hours.

On matters involving automobile accidents, medical malpractice and other personal injury cases, we offer a free consultation. We will analyze your situation and to let you know whether we think you have a viable cause of action. On other matters, we do charge a nominal consultation fee. Often times, if you retain our services at the time of our meeting, the cost of the consultation is applied directly against the quoted fee.

We do. If your case is truly uncontested, you will find that our fees will approach the ‘self-help’ fees that you can find on the Internet. Our fees for all of our legal services are prominently posted on our site. See our 400 Dollar Divorce website for more information.

We accept all major credit cards (as well as your personal check, money orders and cash).

General Legal FAQ’s

Sorry, but ‘no’. Have you checked out the attorneys fees on our site for the type of divorce you are contemplating?  You will have to trust me on this, but in every situation in which I have been involved where a client has used one of these “kits” to start his or her divorce, it would have been cheaper for the client to have hired an attorney to do the divorce from scratch than to hire us to fix what was messed up.  The kits simply do not give enough substantive help to get the divorce done. That’s why they are so cheap. We use computers and talented staff and have cut our fees dramatically for simple divorces so that it is frequently less expensive to hire an attorney to complete the whole process than to start the process with a kit and then hire an attorney to fix what’s broke.  Just as a mechanic would not try to teach you how to replace and gap a spark plug, it is similarly just too difficult to try and teach a client how to complete his own divorce. While the process sounds easy (after all, it is “no-fault and uncontested”), there are complexities to everything in life that created the need for professionals in the first place.

Subject Specific FAQ’s