Law Firm Overview

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Neighborhood Legal Services

The Denbigh Law Center was founded in 1982. Then, as now, a central goal of the firm was to effectively serve the needs of our clients by providing quality legal services at reasonable prices. To this end, the firm adopted a generic name that identified its primary geographic location. The firm also took what (at that time) was a dramatic step of advertising its services in the Yellow Pages and other print media to let people know that quality legal services were available to everybody. By its generic name, presence in the media, and a “street front” neighborhood location, Denbigh Law Center tried to convey the message that a client in need of services could feel comfortable entering our doors. It worked.

No Surprise Billing!

Wherever possible, we offered fixed prices for the more routine work. That way the client would know what the total “cost” of services would be. We quote prices for routine work over the phone and put them in writing at the initial consultation. Variances from the fixed price occur only upon exceptional circumstances and only with the consent of the client. (No surprise billings!)

A client who retains an attorney on an hourly basis will be encouraged to do as much of the leg work as possible him- or herself. No attempt is made to pad total fees charged by doing “hourly” work that could easily be accomplished by the client, unless the client has directed otherwise.

Please take some time to find out more about our legal practice philosophy.

Technology = Efficiency

Computers have made it easier to hold the line on costs. The firm has always been at the cutting edge of word-processing and document production. We leverage technology for greater accuracy in preparation of numbers-intensive practice areas such as bankruptcy and domestic relations litigation. The firm is committed to technology. The firm is also committed to passing the savings derived from technology back to the client.

Our Legal Principles

The firm adopted the following principles used in the selection of cases we are willing to pursue.

The emphasis of our practice would be:

  • Consumer Oriented–representing plaintiffs, not insurance companies
  • Debtor Oriented–performing bankruptcy, not collection, work
  • Tenant Oriented–representing tenants, not their landlords
  • Citizen Oriented–representing defendants in criminal actions
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