Williamsburg, VA Law Center

As with most areas, residents of the Virginia Peninsula are certain to have need of legal services at some point in their lives. Statistically, most people will experience at least one of the following: divorce proceedings, child custody battles, criminal charges, bankruptcy or adoptions. Located conveniently in Yorktown, the Denbigh Law Center offers highly experienced attorneys that specialize in each of these areas and are prepared to give you the highest level of representation available to every client’s legal matters.


Unlike some law firms, this law center does not elevate bankruptcy over any other viable option as a solution to a client’s financial distress. Many attorneys advise alternative pathways are for bankruptcy clients whenever a more prudent method of debt resolution is available. Most law centers do, however, provide bankruptcy services to clients that meet a strict set of criteria. Some potential clients may find value in seeking more than one attorney’s opinion.

Uncontested – Contested & Military Divorce

The Denbigh Law Center provides access to an extensive e-booklet that covers the various aspects of the process of divorce. For a cheap, Virginia no-fault uncontested divorce, they often recommend clients to visit their 400DollarDivorce.com website. It’s conversational and anecdotal style ensures it is easy to read. Clients find it informative, and often relevant to the circumstances in which couples seeking divorce often find themselves.

The Virginia Peninsula hosts bases for almost every branch of the military. Our law firm also specializes in the unique aspects of military divorce. 

Child Support and Custody 

Any outstanding law firm likes to set itself apart in terms of how it conducts child support & custody cases. Because divorces are such emotional proceedings, people often try to use their children as leverage in unrelated matters. Custodial parents sometimes threaten to withhold visitations hoping to gain something for themselves in other unrelated matters. Non-custodial parents sometimes threaten to sue for full custody in hopes of similar gains. 

The practice of using children as pawns in divorce proceedings is cruel and inhumane and can cause irreparable damage to children. Ethical law firms often withdraw their representation from clients who are taking part in such behavior. Choose a law firm that routinely puts the well-being of children first. The Denbigh Law Center attorneys do their best to secure the best support and living circumstances for the children whose parents they represent.

Criminal & Traffic

The Denbigh Law Center has taken thousands of criminal and traffic cases since its inception. It is well-suited to handle DUI cases for both Virginia residents and out-of-state residents alike. They are also prepared to handle standard misdemeanor cases, such as shoplifting, and serious felony charges including weapons charges, assault, theft, robbery, embezzlement, solicitation and procurement of prostitution, and drug possession and distribution. 

Clients who face federal charges with firm attorneys will discover them well-prepared to represent them on the federal level. Proper representation in such matters is often critical to preserving a client’s employment, financial well-being, and even their very freedom. Anyone who is facing serious traffic citations or criminal charges in the Virginia Peninsula should pick up the phone and call today. 


The most common by far type of adoption handled by the Denbigh Law Center is step-parent adoption. In the imperfect world in which we live, children do not always spend their formative years with their biological parents. It frequently occurs that a non-custodial parent becomes estranged for their child emotionally, mentally and even geographically. In these cases, when a custodial parent remarries, his or her partner often fills the mother or father’s role in their child’s life. 

Sometimes this person is the only “mommy” or “daddy” that the child in question has ever known. The purpose of step-parent adoption is to sever the legal relationship between the child and his or her biological parent, while making the functional “mommy” or “daddy” the official new parent instead of a mere step-parent. Such adoptions are a simple procedure when both biological parents willingly consent to the decision. 

The firm also orchestrates the more traditional “agency adoptions” for some clients. Children placed in adoption agencies often arrive under tragic circumstances such as the death of both of their parents, or losing their parents because of court findings of abuse or neglect.  

Parents who for whatever reason cannot raise their children, often have the option of a Parental Placement Adoption, whereby they can place their child with a family of their choosing. Commonwealth statutes legislate the safety of the child and the integrity of the adoption process. 

For children that have been in the care of a close relative, such as a grandparent, aunt or uncle, there is an expedited adoption process available. The court often favors these sorts of adoptions over placement with strangers. 

Wills & Probate

Perhaps the only legal service that people know they will need one day is that of a properly drawn and certified will and testament. A properly drafted will and testament help give not only the bearer but also their families peace of mind. With a will, a person can be in control of who gets their property after death. This is an especially pertinent matter to have settled for people with blended families that intend to leave their non-biological children an inheritance. Biological children, by default, inherit the estate of a person who died without a final will and testament. 

Having a will and testament also makes life easier for a person’s family after their parting. One’s estate may need an appraisal in the absence of a will, and an executor appointed. The executor may have to pay a surety bond to assume their role in settling your final matters. Leaving behind a last will and testament avoids a lot of needless regulation that will otherwise cost your estate, and ultimately your loved ones, a lot of time and money.

Personal Injury

One of the most important times that a person needs a qualified attorney is after suffering an injury. The Denbigh Law Center operates on a contingency-based fee model for all personal injury cases including motorcycle, automobile, public transit, and semi-truck related cases, where the client is only billed for services upon the successful collection of financial damages from the responsible party. 

In most personal injury cases, the plaintiff faces a large liability insurance company that will go to great lengths to pay the bare minimum possible despite a person’s pain and suffering. Attorney representation against these companies is critical to receiving the highest settlement. 

In today’s highly specialized world, everybody needs to know a good law firm, because chances are, they’ll eventually have need for an attorney. Anyone that needs an attorney knows they need a good one. Stick with the skilled attorneys available to you at the Denbigh Law Center and take advantage of their experience.