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E-mail Correspondence Warning
Unless you are a current client, DO NOT send us (or any attorney, for that matter) questions, comments, fact patterns, etc., which may contain personal or confidential information. We may already be representing the ‘opposing party’ in your case.

This web site is not intended to establish an attorney/client relationship with those who use it to make initial contact with our office. By writing to any attorney without knowing if that attorney currently represents your opponent, you may be giving away important information about your case. (This situation can arise with any attorney to whom you write on the web. So, unless the attorney is your attorney, be very careful about what you say.)

Most attorneys, including Denbigh Law Center, take all precautions to avoid conflict-of-interest situations. Most will check (to the extent the information exists in the e-mail) electronic correspondence against current and past client lists before acting upon it. However, that is sometimes not enough to prevent the attorney from learning the confidential information. In such a case, the attorney may have no choice but to use that information in his or her current client’s behalf. In every case, check first to determine if the attorney can represent you without conflict before sending secret or confidential information over the internet. (Sorry to be so “frightening” about this, but this is important stuff.)

Further, we simply are not able to answer personal legal questions over the internet or provide personal advice beyond what is contained in our extensive web site. The attorney-client relationship is too precious to relegate it to the impersonal nature of the Internet. There is almost always much more information that we need to properly answer a question and provide appropriate guidance to you in order for you to effectively address your situation. And the best way to get this information is in a face to face setting. A consultation with an attorney in our office is not terribly expensive, and we will provide you with tangible, useful information in exchange. If you have a concern about a matter involving the law, please give us a call.

Now with that said, we would be pleased to receive your comments and questions about our site or our firm, or a request that we contact you to schedule an appointment.

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