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What to Know About Virginia Uncontested Divorce

A divorce need not be a battle between the spouses. Putting aside the anger and feelings of betrayal may not be easy, but it can help bring down the cost of ending the marriage and take less of an emotional and physical toll on the parties. An uncontested divorce gives couples the ability to work

Awarding Custody to Non-Biological Parents

Custody disputes present between parents present challenges for divorce attorneys and the Virginia courts. The overriding consideration when disputes arise as part of a divorce or as a separate child custody case is to achieve a result that puts the best interest of the child ahead of all else. Introduction of a non-biological parent or

If You’re Not the Father, Are You Still Responsible for Support?

Virginia laws impose a legal obligation on parents to support their children. In fact, parents living in Poquoson who fail to provide for the support of their children who are younger than 18 years of age may be charged with committing a criminal offense. The challenge for Yorktown family law attorneys, particularly in situations involving

Virginia Spousal Support Payments No Longer Deductible for Payer

Neither Party Receives a Child Support Tax Advantage There may be a nasty surprise in store for people in Hampton Roads and around Virginia who negotiated their own divorce settlement in 2019 without the assistance of divorce attorneys and believe they can take a deduction for the Virginia spousal support they pay. When Congress passed